Friday, November 18, 2005

Food For Thought III

I am single with many admirers. Lately, I've been hearing love confessions. I often get compliments from guys. I always receive sweet messages in my Inbox. There are already quite a number of incidents since I got back here and I suppose when I look back in future, they are only a barrel of laughs :)

Hmmm.. at this very time, guys tell me "I dont know why I am so attracted to you" and "I cant help myself but I really do love you" or "Ohh, God I want you so much" etc. Its not funny you know. Come to think of it.. I am having a headache because I see these line-givers daily! What is it that the guys are so attracted to me about? What is there to love or want?

Why cant we just stick to buddyship? Several guys confessed to me "You made me cry" and seriously, I dont know how many times I was responsible for their tears. As heartless as I may sound now but I cant help it *frowns*. It's never the same anymore when they want to be more than friends but I dont share the mutual idea. Its different when a guy rejects me. I can take the fact and not be persistent about it but these guys are not like me!

They leave me with no choice. It's either, "She will be my girl" or "If she's not my girl, might as well not my friend too" :( Right now I feel so insecure to be closer to a guy. Be friendly and act myself. I am easy-going and people enjoy my company. Sometimes it gives the opposite sex the wrong idea. VERY wrong idea. It's not my fault that they're suckers for friendly girls. Sighhh. This is sad.