Saturday, November 05, 2005

Embassy Ehh

I dragged myself off the bed at 10am. I slept at 4am from chatting with Pietro and surfing :P Showered and dressed up a little for the Hari Raya open-house at the embassy. I must confess I was pretty excited, so many people so many new faces all gonna be there!

Hwong and all were on their way when I called them. I forgot how to get there, I mean with which trolleybus but I didnt need directions LOL I followed the other Malaysian students and majority were M2 students. Bumped into Edwin and caught up in a conversation with himlah. His 1st year juniors were pretty friendly as well hehehee

Damn the embassy was packed. There was hardly any space to stand LOL Many juniors and faces I have never seen! Hannan and Shidah greeted me, then my gang came too. Yakked here and there, saw Wishnu and Praveen and a lot of Malay dudes and they are good-looking! Some who remembered me greeted me as well but I was really polite to greet Selamat Hari Raya to almost everyone I met :)

Food was a fair share for me. Unlike my gang who hoped to leave with bloated tummy, I was contented. They were upset! Hahahaha I just social-ed around, had a long chat with Sharma and Azrul hehehe It was so obvious that Sharma wanted to speak to me. Azrul was even better! When Ajed shot us on the video asking "Ehh Azrul, what are you doing?" He actually joked "Nolahh Im trying my pickup lines" hehehee

I enjoyed myself very much. Mingled around, snapped pictures left and right. Needa collect from all those people. I guess I am pretty popular with the M2 fellas right now because I am Paul's flatmate! Tomorrow got open-house in hostel. One in M2 and one in Kahovskaya. Seelahh. I still wanna revise on my Obstetrics :P