Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Deepavali, Diwali

Woohooo! A day-off class for us hehehe Paul woke up very late so my plans on going to the library was called off. I would have carried the 8kg Adam and Victor's Neurology textbook and others to the library myself but my friends said there are more books for this cycle *arghhhh*

Justin came over around 3pm. Wanted to use our Internet to check his inbox. You know hes the Shoe Pimp now aiight. Doing some legal dealing with the black dudes. Unfortunately, today is the first day of a new month meaning we needed to top up the bill. When he came, we couldnt access to the Internet LOL

So we 3 headed to PFU. Need to buy some ingredients to cook Paul's Palak Paneer (its north indian dish, cottage cheese and spinach) have some cook-up at their place. Reena is cooking curry chicken and my favourite vegetarian dhal. Ohhhh yes. Its the best! So we got the neccessary stuff from the Indian shop and even got a can of Gulab Jamun! Hahahaa a diabetic-causing dessert :)

When we got home, I helped fry the cottage cheese! Paul prepared everything and as soon as we were ready, we went to our hommies. Justin wasnt back from his date so we waited an hour plus before digging in. Once we heard his voice at the door, plates were served and mmmmmm food! Hahahaa it was fun. Home-cooked meal on festive seasons. Taste extra yummy!