Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cheese Mouse

I had a dinner with Aron this evening at 7pm at MAKI Restaurant. We met at M. Ohotnyei Ryd and walked up Tverskaya Street slowly hehehe He said I looked beautiful :) I was happy to see him actually!

Like usual we yakked about movies and updates of our siblings, classes and whatnots. After we placed our order, I opened the (very) belated birthday present he gave me LOL I was with him for 3 years plus and this is the first time he spent time and work on my present. I opened the box (an old box which I presented his first garment.. bugger) and inside was a piece of paper written "To The Cutest Cheese Mouse Of All, Happy Birthday" hehehee

The carved cheese is sooooo cute! Its hands are spiral pasta- one on each, halves of horse radish for ears and two short sticks of spaghetti for tail. Seriously, I nearly cried. At first I thought it was potatoes but when I saw the holes, I laughed so hard but I refrained my tears. Damn creative and he said this is the 3rd block of cheese because the previous 2 he carved but we didnt meet up, twice *oops!*

Unfortunately his present isnt something that will last but you know what, the memory of receiving it definitely will :)