Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cat Scratch

I camped at Reena Jason's last night. Ahhh it was nice to hang out in their crib again but one thing I didnt enjoy at all was the kitten, Georgie. OMG. I just dislike cats. Especially these hyperactive, pounce on moving objects (non-moving too) and attack anyone for no apparent reasons :(

Got scratched on my last finger, my foot, my arm and nearly my face! General Maximus is damn harmless compared to that feline. At least he took a chunk of my arm while I was asleep and not injure me slowly with the claws *cries* Now have to think twice when I wanna visit them. I mean it aint nice to chuck the kitten roughly out of the door right?

Oohh Reena actually made Chicken Chop with Teriyaki sauce and mashed potatoes when she thought I was gonna be there for dinner yesterday *so sweet of her* But today for late lunch we had blinies! Pancakeslah basically hahaha Jason went to Peteorochka and got honey, strawberry jam and choco-hazelnut spread! Oohh we had a great time eating, I had 6-7 pieces!

Now I am back in the apt, just chilling and BLOG-ing :) One week after another! Soon its December 2005 meaning new cycle. Oohh Radiology same class with Group 1 (Jason and Reena's) I bet its gonna be damn fun LOL