Friday, November 11, 2005

Blanket Babies

OMG!! We almost witnessed vaginal birth in Obstetrics today but too bad :( The mother wasnt full prepared for the labour, needed to wait for a few more hours so we left hehehee We took a tour at the newborn wards instead and they are sooooo cute!!

All wrapped in cloths and more. I couldnt help but scream in silent LOL I wanna have a bundle of joy too *blush* But yeahhh the process is hell I would say! The mother was breathing deeply and moaning since the baby inside her is huge! I am a Ceaserean baby (too huge for Mummy's pelvic size) Hahahaa so is Mun Yee, Douglas and Victor.. not bad huh

I came home pretty early today. Gonna cook a Pakistani dish- Ginger Chicken! Paul seems to be the kitchen rat lately. I cooked us Coca-Cola Chicken last night and surprisingly it turned out pretty delicious. Nothing is on for the evening I think. Oohh my online album is finally ready to be shared with my friends!