Sunday, November 13, 2005

Aidil-Vaali Function

I was really excited to attend this first-time event organised by our Malaysian students. Around 2pm I changed into my best Sunday suit (muahahaha) and put on some make up. I thought it would be nice to look extra nice one in a while :) I called Hwong for directions but we decided to meet up at M.Aviamotornaya instead. But guess what *frowns*

We were supposed to meet at 4.45pm since the event was gonna start at 5pm. Of course none of the time stated on the itinery was punctual anyway LOL Malaysian time what. Lucky I saw May and Zhao Ing exit the Metro so I caught up with them. We managed to find our way to Dom Kulturi with a group of juniors trailed behind us! Of course, we conquered St.Petersburg!

Very pleasant venue we rented. Not too many people arrived yet. 3 of us got front row seats which gave the best view (no idea why would the early comers sit all the way in the back) Quite a number of people came. Viro, Dipta, Ritim, Hari, Azie, Shue and Dimitry too hehehee Rajiv and a junior girl, Linni were MCs for the evening. OMG. Everyone looked so good!

The performance were great. The food was prepared by the Malaysian students themselves. Nasi Lemak, curry chicken, ketupat with peanut gravy and other stuff. I think most people were satisfied with the food LOL I had a fair share and went around socialising. Douglas and gang did a great job on the Shakira moves. The juniors did a Stomp performance which was impressive. The winner of the overall performance was the movie clip done by Lim Geng Yan. One 1st year junior *well done, boy*

It was very meaningful in a humourous way. Showed situations which we encounter/ed throughout our lives here in Moscow. Then some interviews of the newbies here and one of the 5th and 6th year students. Touching, really. The background songs, the taglines.. I was on the verge of tears! Vitamin C's Graduation was playing and damn, its not gonna be long till we shall finish with Moscow :(

The VIPs were good. Stayed till the end of the event. I mingled around, took some pictures and then when lucky draw winners had their prizes, the hall was cleared for dancefloor. I wasnt very keen on dancing like the others but when JLo's Lets Get Loud came on, Douglas had me on my feet :P We pretty much stole the attention. Quek told me to shake more hahahaa

I left the building with Praveen, Wishnu and Kai Yen. It was a successful event and I am still all smiles about it. I didnt expect it to be so much fun! I know I aint gonna miss any events held by our Malaysian students. Ive missed out for 3 years and I definitely did the right thing by attending every so far *nods*