Thursday, October 20, 2005

Video Vanity

Hahaha I borrowed Paul's videocam to class today!

It was hilarious. Hwong played cameraman well. We started recording on our way to stalovaya during Genetics class break. When we got back, I played the housewarming party scene for them. The burst of laughter was even louder :P

Too bad we were late to the morgue today. The Russian group was there too anyway so I couldnt record the whole operation. It was disappointing. Seelah. We have one more class in the morgue so there might be a slight chance that I still get to record. But I will bring it to Topoanatomy class tomorrow LOL Mum and Dad would be so awed to see what we learn here!

It's Fats graduation day tomorrow but I can seem to get through home. Oof. Wish I were there to attend! CONGRATULATIONS, my baby brother :)