Sunday, October 23, 2005

Strange Sunday

Paul drank himself silly in the kitchen last night after his friends left. He downed 3 cans of Foster's beer and half the bottle of champagne. He never uttered a word to me when I told him I burnt the rice so I was like, whatever >(

Today was even weird ass. He woke up pretty early, I thought he was going to church. He didnt but when I spoke to him, he replied in single words. I hung out on the Internet in his room while he stayed in the kitchen, blasting his mp3. When I was in my room doing revision, he went back into his room. When I woke up, he went into the kitchen again. I decided to study in the kitchen, he just walked back into his room. I was like, what the fuck?

I asked if he was alright. He said yeahh so I left him just that. He agreed to come with me to Reena and Jason's for dinner. Strangely he started talking properly on our way. It was great to see these fellas again. Popes was there as well. We yakked and they ate my cheesecake. Well. Popes doesnt eat cheese and Jason dislikes it. Basically only Paul, Reena and I munched on it :)

Popes got a new kitty. Victoria brought it over. Damn active and quite the brutal actually. I invited them all over for my birthday dinner this Friday! Hehehee looking forward for it!