Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rockin' Hard

I woke up this morning and Paul kept giving me smiles LOL I know I was all tears and then all snores after Reena and Jason left. It was too much for me to handle, like I confessed :)

We hung around, watched the video we recorded last night. Waiting for evening to come so we would head to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner with my batchmates. It was a bit sad because the videocam ran out of battery, stupid me. Forgot to charge it *frowns* Anyway we managed to snap a wee bit of the party scene. Many came. About 26 of us in total. A long ass table was set up for us. I wore my favourite black cardigan with mini skirt and the high black boots!

I bought a white rose for Yun Kin and Hwong. Everyone looked good. When Reena and Jason arrived, Paul was much relieved. Smoking kakis what. They sat at the other end of the table. I was somewhere in the middle. I cut and distributed the chocolate cake I brought. It wasnt right because we werent supposed to bring our own food into a restaurant but it didnt exactly hit me. Luckily the manager excused us, took off 1000pyb off the bill hahahaa Phew!

It was Halloween party night as well so the staff were all dressed in all sort of costumes. Zhao Ing was especially annoyed because she really wanted to put on scrubs for this occassion LOL I had Joe Perry's Aerosmith Quesadillas and Pina Colada. Quite yummy actually. I was up and down the long table, yakking and making connections with the crowd. Around 10pm, the dance floor was packed after HRC ignited the party mood with YMCA hehehee Douglas dragged me to front and I pulled Mun Yee with me. After that almost everyone was on the dancefloor!

Sunny was pretty quiet with the girlfriend there. As soon as she went dance, he jumped over! Reena bought me a shot of flaming. HRC calls it B52. The second shot we had it together. Yummy! We needed more booze so we yelled for the Tequila Lady. She wore a belt of shot glasses around her hip, one bottle of tequila and a glass of lime on each hand. We asked for 6 shots- Sunny, Quek, Jason, Reena, Paul and myself. It was quite a scence for the non-drinkers to watch how we do it :P

I bought everyone a round, Sunny bought the last round. Fooyoooo it was really a turn off that they had to leave at 12am. Ridiculous right. What to do, their hostel will shut them out after 1am. Quek was really reluctant to leave but I reckoned if Sunny had came alone, he would have stayed as well. So they all left. Popes went back with Victoria to her house so it was just Reena, Jason, Paul and myself going strong. In the end we decided to carry on back at our apt instead LOL

We stopped by 7th Continent for a bottle of Smirnoff and cocktails for the cab ride. We made so much noise with the cab driver but I think he must be used to drunkards. Once back home, I put on the cable for the videocam and it was hilariouslahh. Paul fried nuggets and we munched on chips as well. OMG. The crap Reena and I talked about LOL

Around 230am I was pretty sloshed. Jason was yawning so they made a move. After hugs, I spent 3minutes puking in the toilet hehehee You dont wanna know the ingredients for my Joe Perry's Aerosmith Quesadillas (sounds cool eh) Anyway they were listening to confirm that I was puking until I yelled out "Yes I know you all are listening". I came out as soon as they stepped out of the door, I hugged Bye-bye once again :P

Paul made me hot Rooibos tea. We sat in the kitchen, he recorded everything I had to say :) But what happened afterwards was quite sad because I cried. I miss Aron. Maybe at the spur of the moment. Like right now, it aint heartache to think about him. I mean all my days in Moscow, everything involved him and not anymore. Paul wanted to play mellow songs to which he clicked on "The Scientist" by Coldplay. The one song which I burst of buckets of tears after my breakup. I cried even more until I decided to stop. It was just silly :(

I cant recall much after I sipped my tea. I went to bed and Paul came in to kiss me goodnight and prolly said a whole lot of other things but it was beyond my consciousness to listen. He is a good guy but I dont want any other thoughts about anything else right now. I am very happy and contented my current status. These few days have been very memorable *smiles*