Friday, October 28, 2005

One Slice

So I went over to their apt right. Gotlahh. Made fun of me for high expectations LOL At sharp 12am, I was on the phone with Viro and Reena walked in a plate of ice-cream slice with a lighter on the other hand. Everyone sang the birthday song (Viro on the other end too) Hahahahaa damn classic!

Later Popes opened the champagne and we munched on the tortilla chips which I brought. Talked cock until Paul called around 1am. I told him to come over as well, buy anything but cheesecake because Jason and Popes dont like them. OMG. When reached, Reena was amazed that he BAKED one cheesecake and BOUGHT another chocolate cake as told!

I totally didnt expect it. I thought he went to the hostel to watch football Hahahaa Reena was fucking terharu and Paul totally scored *ka-chink, ka-chink* 21 candles to blow. I was in pyjamas (wanted to have some home style cake cutting but these cartoons were to classical LOL) Around 2am plus we left and headed back to our apt. Fooyoooo :)