Friday, October 28, 2005

My Birthday

Victor followed me home after Neurology. We grabbed some stuff from Perekrestok first. When we got home, Paul was taking a nap so we hung out in the kitchen. It was close to 7pm so Victor helped me prepare the sauce for Tom Yam pasta, mashed potato and bowtie pasta :)

Paul woke up hehehee I thanked him for the surprise. He went on clearing the living room. Reena and Jason arrived. Gave me a sweet package of vanilla lotion, shampoo and incense sticks. Mmmm.. vanilla LOL Paul and Jason then went to Kopeeka to grab some beer and beverages. Things got a bit heated up when I realised it was close to 9pm and I havent brought out the salad and no mushroom sauce yet! Sunny and Quek arrived and you know that Quek right. Headed straight to the Internet and stilll refuse to wish me Happy Birthday!

Popes made grand entrance hehehee Told him to bring the plastic chair from home but actually everyone forgot about it. Wishnu didnt come because I told him to go for his B2 club. They have some guest appearance, Akon coming. I knew he really wanted to go so I didnt wanna hold him up. Ill see him tomorrow at Hard Rock Cafe hehehe

When food was almost ready, they set up the table in the living room. Sooo dinner was ready. We poured champagne for everyone, some got beer too. We chow-ed, everything turned out perfect. Well except that I messed up my new t-shirt LOL Changed into another t-shirt. I must say Victor and I did a great job (he deserves the credit too)

Oohh Sunny and Quek made some noise about the roses hehehee They placed a stalk of white rose on my bed. No wonder they were upset because Paul gave me 21! Like it matters right? I am equally happy to receive them! There was a CD inside as well. They must have recorded something, I couldnt wait to see it! Hehehee cartoons :)

Dinner was noisy, delicious and with unclear in the background :P