Tuesday, October 18, 2005

MCQ Test

Prof.Pancreatova made the Topoanatomy MCQ test helluva big deal *frowns* We had Chapter 4 and 5 to study upon, that was like about 400 questions. I was pretty stressed out for the past few days but last night I gave up. Yakked with Paul in the kitchen and went to bed at 2am LOL

Dunnolahh. Its done and over so results will be out this Friday. At least its over right! I got Variant 7 which was same as Melvyn's. Oohh lately we are a bit tight since we share the same cycle. We are going to the morgue this Thursday! Going to do an inguinal hernia operation. Sounds exciting and guess what, I am gonna bring Paul's videocamera with me! Its damn fun to record hehehee