Saturday, October 22, 2005

M2 Peeps

Paul's friends came over for a visit this evening. Actually only Janet (a Penangite girl) and King who is his batchmate are close to him. The rest are Janet's groupmates and they decided to come because none of them has been into a Russian apartment before LOL

Very polite people. Altogether 6 girls and 2 guys. We were acquainted, yakked a bit. They brought mahjong over so at least they had entertainment. Some were playing on the PS2 while I prepared dinner in the kitchen. Surprisingly 2 girls (well I forgot their names :P) came in and made small chats with me! It was very sweet of them. Then 2 more came in and the next thing I know, everyone packed into the kitchen when they realised I was cooking hahahaa

I cooked Chicken with Long Beans and Janet made scrambled eggs with onions. They complimented that my dish was delicious and Nicholas ate till he couldnt breathe! They insisted on washing the dishes and all so I let them. We opened one bottle of champagne and then another. None of them drink so in the end Paul, me and two more girls finished it. Pleasant evening :)