Monday, October 31, 2005

Last Cycle

We were pretty freaked out in the morning LOL Got kontrol for Neurology to get our zacheots. Plus I have no fucking idea what to write for my case history's topical diagnosis. Last night Paul and I went over to Reena and Jason's for dinner, then watched all the videos :P

Came back pretty late and I straight hit the bed. Urology is over, wont be seeing Prof.Loshkin until next semester. Ohhhh he is such a turn on! He let us free after signing out zacheots meaning we only stayed half an hour in class. All of us sat down at McDonald's, the studious 4 at one table scramming last entry for the kontrol while the lazy 4 yakked about my birthday LOL

And we wonder why they do better in all subjects hahahaha

So in Neurology, we all got a question card that consisted 2 questions. Damn I was lucky to go through all the cranial nerves with Hwong. In fact he almost killed me by telling me Opthalmic nerve is the 2nd nerve. Lucky I was confident that its the 5th. I swear at that moment that was the proof of "you think hes smart, hes actually so-so". I answered well except for the second question. WTF. I just babbled what Syncope is in general (which was correct) only not sufficient in neurological state. Well done anyway :P

Prof. Augustina is going back to Ghana in January that means we will prolly never see her again. We exchanged wishes and had a little chat before class ended. OMG. We smelled freedom hehehee Victor was all smiles, announcing that hes gonna start his game as soon as he gets home! Tomorrow is a off-day for us somemore! Deepavali what :)