Wednesday, October 26, 2005


OMG. I woke up at 9am this morning. Didnt realise it was snowing heavily outside until I went upclose to the kitchen window. You see. I dont usually put on my glasses after I brush my teeth :P

We didnt have Urology class in the morning because the lecturer was going somewhere else plus he didnt get us a subsitute lecturer. Smart man hehehee Hwong and I met up at noon to make reservations at Hard Rock Cafe for this Saturday's dinner. There are about 24 of us paying and estimating 10 walk-ins. Everyones looking forward to it!

I put on my brown winter jacket. It is very cold today. The wind was blowing, my hair was messed up :( Somemore it aint peak of winter when the temperature is very low. The snowflakes fall onto your head and melts so its easy to catch a cold. Anyway I met Hwong at M.Smolenskaya and we marched into HRC. Spoke and paid up to the manager, Polina who wasnt too friendly anyway *biatch

Hwong and I spent the next hour plus in McDonald's to discuss about Neurology case history. Damn it. Giving us a headache because some symptoms didnt match the diseases and vice versa. What to do. No experience to rule out certainties :P Wooohooo. My birthday is drawing closer!