Friday, October 28, 2005

I Turn 21

I was damn reluctant to climb out of bed when the alarm rang at 715am. I thought WTF. Last class of Topoanatomy and I guess the will for me to get up anyway was to see my friends in class hehehee When I stepped out of my room, I was wide awake 8O (<--my eyes and mouth agape)

There was a bouquet of huge roses placed in the corner and the piggy pillow present. I opened and read the birthday card from Paul. It was too early for me, serious. Damn. 21 stalks altogether. I tried to wake him up for class but he didnt respond so I left the house. I wrote him a Thank You note :)

I reached class with Victor. Zhao Ing, Mun Yee, Douglas and Hwong were already seated outseide the classroom. They were all smiles and greeted me Happy Birthday hehehee I got presents and Mun Yee baked me a fruit cake. It was damn sweet of them and the cake bit, was a real surprise as well. I told them not to bring :P

We hung around the empty lecture hall. They sang me Happy Birthday song and I blew out the candle. Sunny was absent though. Prof. Pancreatova was very nice. She said since its my birthday, she let us celebrate for half and hour before class started LOL Class went on as usual and next was Neurology lecture. We spent the first half in the cafeteria. Wanted to cut the cake!

I tell you ah, the cafeteria lady is damn sweet as well. I bought drinks (non-alcoholic of course) for everyone. I told her its my birthday today hehehe She congratulated me and gave me a Chuppa Chups for health! Hahahaa lent me the knife to cut the cake as well. It was tasty. I thanked them guys for everything and looking forward to see them at Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow!