Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Tears

We proceeded into the kitchen after dinner. Practically joined the smokers hahahaa We yakked and made so noise till it was time for the 0,75L of Smirnoff! Paul insisted on the shots though everyone pretended to turn them down LOL

Popes toldl how his 21st birthday went. Finished 2L of Chivas and Rum or something, did round shots with his buddies, cousins, cousins' buddies etc Told me to do the same, take a shot with 7 of them hahahaa Victor went into hiding! He was damn silly, tried to "disappear". Paul hunted for him in the living room, bathroom and toilet but couldnt find him. I went into my room and he stood quietly behind the door hehehee Paul was traumatised, how he could stand in the dark for 10minutes for us to find him :P

So I took a shot with everyone except for this Quek. He said he was saving my ass hehehee He downed it himself. It was still pretty early. Before midnight even. This part was too much for me to handle. Sunny told me to play the CD they made for me. It was bloody touching :( They made a videoclip with Goo Goo Dolls' Iris. Theres slideshow of them spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I was seriously on the verge of tears. There are old pictures of me which Sunny snapped on his handphone. The end was a song, which Quek played and sang. I burst into tears and I cant express how touched I felt :)

Wishnu quotes "The girl who has everything" I am very blessed to have a great family, friends both here and back home, those I know and even miles away...

For the next half an hour I was speechless. I kept hugging Quek and Sunny. They kept calling me silly. I was crying outloud :P Reena's eyes were damped as well. The age aint the big matter but my friends really made it one. Popes was knocked out on the couch, Paul spent like half an hour in the toilet after Quek, Sunny and Victor left. They had to go otherwise the hostel would shut them out :( Jason was very sweet, cleaned the whole pile of dishes while Reena and I boasted how KL girls can drink LOL

This is the sweetest, most memorable birthday ever. Like Mummy said "You will remember this day for a long long time" and I know I will.