Thursday, October 27, 2005

Genetics Zacheot

Its Hwong and Yun Kin's birthday today. I almost forgot to wish them because I kept thinking about HRC celebration. Id bring their presents on that day even. Though I havent got them anything LOL

It was terrible this morning. Topoanatomy to start my day. Arrgh Prof. Pancreatova just had to ask me to name the 2nd floor of pelvis. She just had to >( I mumbled something here and there, Mun Yee and Zhao Ing tipped me quietly hehehee

Last class of Genetics. It was alright. My family pedigree charts werent too difficult. Prof. Fillipova gave us our zacheots and she dismissed us with some sarcasm hehehee Whateverlah. Im going to prepare some stuff for tomorrow's dinner. Paul has gone to the hostel to watch football with his kakis. I guess I will turn in early anyway. It aint all bad to be alone, really. Paul felt a bit bad, asked if Id sleep at 2am (when his football game is over)

I told him no need to return to the apartment to wish me Happy Birthday. I cant wait for a good dinner treat for my friends tomorrow!!