Friday, October 21, 2005


Yes. My 3rd try was a success! But I made a Non-Bake Cherry Cheesecake. Damn simple. Just blend tvorog and whip cream and sugar, lay the mixture on crust base and freeze it. Delicious! But Paul aint too happy at the fact that it wasnt baked. He kept insisting that I shouldnt use tvorog for cream cheese. Pfftttt!

Today was pretty embarassing in Topographic Anatomy class :P Prof.Pancreatova asked me the blood supply for stomach but unfortunately I blabbled something totally off. Well. Not THAT off but not close enough either. What to do when there are 3 girls in the group, 2/3 are smart like hell so that leaves me as the dumb one hehehee I better brush up on "little pelvis" topic :P

Anyway Paul's friend, Janet is coming over tomorrow and something like her groupmates will come along as well. I hear a lot of stories about this girl but we have never met. Goodlah. At least theres some activity on a Saturday hehehee I bug Paul to bring his rascal friends over since he screwed up while I was in St.Petersburg, it would be such a contrast how Id play host when they come. Seriously. When there isnt a woman in da house, its malfunction!