Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cartoons :P

Hahahaa the house phone rang 2-3x I think. The first time I was in the shower, second time was cut off because it took me a while to reach and third time, Justin was yelling on the other end where on earth was I!

He asked for Paul's numberlah, wanna ask him somethinglah, asked if Ive eatenlah but one BIG give-away before he hung up was "Ok. See you later" LOL I was already thinking what to wear if they would come over! Too bad Paul went to the hostel to watch football with his members!

Anyway Reena called back shortly and broke the whole plan to me hehehe They wanted to pakat with Paul and come over by midnight but since Paul aint around (damn useless right) OMG So I told them dont come over, I will go over and then put up a night there :) Damn cutelahh. I seriously got nothing to say other that how touched I'm feeling right now!