Wednesday, March 16, 2005

System Of A Down

Today Pharmacology finished early. I went ahead with my MCQs and even finished next week’s set. I guess I could sit back this weekend to prepare for the colloquium. I left with Rajiv, Justin, Hui Yin and Adrian. In the end it was only Rajiv and I in the same wagon.

I hadn’t seen Rajiv for a while. We caught up on things and I found out that he wrote a petition requesting for re-election of MMSA committee members and other conditions to run this student body. He is damn pissed with whoevers keeping the funds.

What pissed Rajiv most is when the awful incident happened to him last year, no consolation from MMSA at all. No help, nothing. He claimed that if the re-election doesn’t take place, MMSA would not be recognized and if re-election does take place, he will personally make sure he has a firm position with vocal rights *very inspiring*

Rajiv was disappointed with recent events back home. He was mad at our gov system, the authorities, the race discrimination and how terrible altogether. Damn cute when he said if we wanna improvise the system, we will have to start with these small small branches (meaning MMSA :) I felt sorry for him and started thinking to myself after he got off his station.

Is Malaysia really that bad? My parents have always told Fats and I to migrate overseas after we get married. They predict that our Chinese community will be outnumbered and overpowered in distant future. The gov is corrupted and it will not change for the better. Sad, huh.