Monday, March 14, 2005


Hehehee we were the first to ciao after Hygiene class. Hwong swiped out his camera, handed it over to Sunny and posed. I was walking away when Sunny called my name. I turned around and *poof!* snow on my jacket, my bag and hair! LOL

Quek and Victor stayed like two feet away with a handful of snow. I grabbed some from the side and threw at Hwong :P Sunny still had the camera in his hand, laughing away at one particular shot when I ducked from Hwong's attack! Hehehee it was funny. Bloody funny :)

Then Douglas and Zhao Ing came out of the building. Quek suggested we kena the both of them. Hwong asked them to pose and happily they did. I stood beside Hwong while Sunny, Victor and Quek had both their hands full with snow! Hahahaa 1,2..3 and *triple poof!* everyone was laughing like mad! Douglas and Zhao Ing were really caught offguard! Then everyone ran off but I still got a few shots from behind and my hair was wet!

Damn funny it was :) But the temperature is gradually increasing and wind is blowing south. Good. Finally we can look forward for better days! Now I am sitting on the edge about participating in which events for the Sports Day. Argghh. Go means must take part. Reena suggests we play as reserves for Netball. But stupid to do that since we are experienced players, we better play then!

See firstler. I might beat the rest in 4x400 what :P A lot of girls signed up already. Including Celine (she told me this morning). Douglas bitched that she cant run with those tree stump legs LOL Told me not to worry. WTF!! He is recruiting for cheerleaders now. I wonder who else will join.