Sunday, March 06, 2005

Separated By The Wall

Aron asked me to spend more time with him. He realized lately that when hes in the kitchen on the computer, Id be in the hall room watching movie or studying. When hes playing on his XBOX or watching movie in the hall room, Id be in the kitchen online.

I told him I cant sit next to him when I study because he distracts me. He will either ask me to watch the screen or look at this that. I don’t play on the XBOX with him because his games don’t interest me (ProEvoSoccer4, MechAssault2 or Mortal Kombat) All of his 25 games.

I know he was very sweet to buy me Shark Tale, Fable and Tork (“Cute games suit you”) so I will play on the XBOX. But now there is only one cable meaning the computer runs on batteries when the cable is plugged on the XBOX and when the computer uses the cable, the XBOX cant operate. Since both gadgets is his, he kinda decides who uses which.

Anyway I don’t trust myself with games because I go crazy. Like Neverwinter Nights I could play from 9am-1am the whole day! Sims2, Age of Mythology, Dynasty Warriors too. I remember skipping classes, stayed home just to play. I went out of control!

So what happened was. We have been fighting for a couple of nights already but last night, he became smarter. Confrontation time : 2 hours give or take. He asked me all sorts of questions like am I doing it on purpose, am I happy that we aren’t doing anything together, why don’t I suggest dates, how can I live locked up in the apt and not go out with him etc which I honestly didn’t know what to answer.

I used to cry when he asks all kinds of questions and stuff. But I stopped crying long time ago. I just give him the silent treatment. So last night I just ignored him and slept. He went back into the kitchen to continue with his games.