Saturday, March 05, 2005

Russian Tabs

Last night I went to sleep at 8pm. Lied to Aron that I wanted to take a nap and he could wake me up in an hour or two hahahaa It wasn’t intentional but since I refused to hear his call that makes me a liar :P I got up at 430am! *tsk tsk*

I must have konked out into oblivion. I went into the kitchen I saw leftovers spaghetti, one empty DVD case, burnt charcoals on the shisha and a couple of books on the table. Wow. Aron cooked, watched a movie (without earphones) and smoked. I didn’t realize one bit.

Anyway I sat down on the computer, ate the leftovers spaghetti and started another homepage. Homage to my life abroad and guess what. I must say its 80% completed. Need more pics but that I guess have to continue back home. Yo hommies :)