Monday, March 14, 2005

New Addiction

Arggh. Ive been glued to the computer since last week. I dont know how I started playing at again but I just cant stop now. Hahahaa plus I have 3 accounts to handle! Mine, Fats and Kok Sieng's :P

The weekend was okay. Nothing much happened. Those guys stayed till late Saturday. I told myself I would sit down and understand the drugs mechanism on Pharmacology but as usual I failed to do that *sobs*

Oohh sadly I cant mend my jacket. I just cut off the hanging strand but its not too obvious like something missing so its okay. So what else happened. Damn I cant BLOG about anything else because I was totally zoned out in the kitchen!

Hmmm newsflash. Ah Hoong and Ossie are off for good. She finally stopped crying. That fella NOT not worth crying for. I knew it. I told Sha from the start that hes not genuine and be ready for Ah Hoong should he goes cuckoo suddenly. I know these guys well enough >(

Hehehe I chat with Hong Zen on ICQ last night. He is hilarious. He calls his tormenting gf, Chi Bai. Told me shes a psycho. Watches sad movies, cries and calls him on the phone to comfort her! LOL Hes only with her despite the complaints because of you know what.

Okay. I better ciao for Pathanatomy lecture. Dont wanna walk in late then ter-kick the steps like last year. Ive got quite some stuff to do today and tomorrow. Its time to send Dinesh the documents for elective posting. Hahahaha Hong Zen calls him the Bangsar Bouncer when I asked if he remembers Dinesh *chuckles*