Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Poor Jacket

Brand = MNG
Size = M
Colour = Brown
Material = Genuine leather (fully fur-ed inside)
Winter 2003-04 Survivor After A 180€ Receipt

What a sad ass cum tiring day. Left home during peak hour meaning in sardine packed wagons. At M. Krapotkinskaya, this stupid man who tried to push his way out of the door had his bag hooked on the embroidery at the back of my jacket. I felt a hard tug and *cries* when my hand reached behind, a long strand of thread was hanging in mid air :(

I couldn’t confront him into responsibility since he was already cursing everyone in a rather threatening tone. I frowned to myself all the way home till I took it off. Oof. It was bad. But I guess I could sit down this weekend and try to sew it back. My skills can do some tricks hehehe My best can tell you this since she was very impressed at my needlework on her toga :)

Have to hit Pathanatomy for tomorrow's colloq somemore. Thats it. Once its over I am just gonna sleep the weekend away!!