Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Fine Folks

I called Daddy first. He misses me terribly since he hasn’t heard from me for 1 week plus. He was on his way to Indonesia. Lucky I managed to speak to him :) Told me that he chatted with Mum a couple of times (im glad that hes happy).

Then I dialed Mummy’s number. She misses me even more! I miss both of them too. Mums getting her work permit in two weeks’ time. She lined up some plans for me to visit her even. Fats hols might collide with mine so I am praying hard to travel with my brother!

Mummy will always be Mummy. She asked me hows things over here, didn’t mention about Aron, hinted some advice (not directly) and assured that I will have a great visit to Sydney. I am looking forward to it of course! I guess she would like to lecture me big time but prolly doesn’t have the heart to do it since shes so far away.

I told her to hold on to her stories. I will keep mine too. We shall spill day and night to each other when we meet up hehehee My credit dried up. Rajiv is unreliable. Said he would get me the IDD cards but got for himself only. Action-ed in front of me and when I asked him where was mine, he almost died. Confessed that he forgot >( Now no more stock.