Friday, March 18, 2005

Men At Work

When I came home, Aron was busy fixing the bathroom door. Last year Rajiv and him only installed the handle on the toilet door. I have to say that growing up in a household where electricians and plumbers were always a dial away, I didnt develope any interest in repair or install work.

Anyway I helped Aron hold the door, switched the driller on and off, checked to see if it was steady enough and watched him complete the work. So now I dont have to worry Iasonas barging in when I am in the shower :P THAT was a real embarassment!

The guys are having a re-match on ProEvoSoccer4 this weekend. But Aron and Hossein already went over to Iasonas'. I stayed back because I heard about 10 boys are bunking and what am I gonna do there right. Plus I need to study the weekend away :(

Hahaha poor Timmy. These monkeys are making fun of him. Timmy is one German dood. He is well, eccentric LOL I have mentioned that the guys take football too seriously especially Hosein and Timmy put together. The last time they bunked, Timmy lost his brains. Seriously.

I am fond of him too but Aron thinks he likes me only because I am oriental. I hope they dont become too brutal this time.