Friday, March 11, 2005

I Was Attacked

Hahahaa my silly members stabbed me with icicles on our way to Russian class today. Hwong started it actually. I joked that I will complain to his mother about him when I go back to Malaysia and then he walked towards the roof of the shack, plucked one sharp icicle and poked me :P

Just as I was least expecting, Quek and Sunny came charging with another two while Victor grabbed hold of me hahahaa I couldn’t stop laughing because it was really silly. Mun Yee and Zhao Ing kena-ed also but they didn’t find it so funny. My lungs almost froze from laughing!

Russian class was a real bore. Our teacher became smarter. She knew we adjusted her table clock 20mins faster hahahaa Asked us for the time instead. Honest Hwong (as usual) told her the exact time on his watch. Oof. She didn’t let us leave until 4.10pm. Sunny and I cracked jokes throughout class and avoided eye contact with her. She would ask both of us to build dialogs and read texts hehehe :P

I am soooo tired. Ooh Nigel has been sms-ing me for the past 2 days. That fella is going to IJN for his electives in summer. He is pretty anticipated hoping we might go together but Jed also asked me for my company in class the other day. He lives near me and Ive already agreed to it meaning prolly no to Nigel :(