Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy Women's Day

Worldwide celebration I think. Maybe just in Russia *shrugs* But its definitely no-class day hehehe :) Aron apologised after the duel. I too, felt bad so I decided to put some interest in his games. I started off watching him play Spell Force in the kitchen.

Hmmm it was okay. We went out in the afternoon to find a cobbler to fix his boots. The side tore slightly. I was checking out Yohji Yamamoto's pour femme in the perfume shop. Quite the nice actually but expensive. Bloody hell. For 50ml it was like 1600pyb meaning RM200+. Smells nice tho. Nothing much happening in the centre. Aron wanted to get me flowers but I told him I dont want any.

Okay. I went out with him today so he cant say that I dont. I feel bad that I ill-treated him. Afterall he is still my bf right. So fast public hols just finished like that :( Pathanatomy colloq this Friday. Sucks *cries*