Thursday, March 17, 2005

Fake Sunshine

Moscow has been very sunny for the past few days. But do not be fooled because it is still freezing here! The sunrays are just bright you know. Yesterday was -6C. I happily wore a light jacket and prolly caught a cold because I was fooled :(

Bloody hell LOL Still never learned. I remember so far, every year when I see the sun scorching outside, I will put on lesser clothes. Then shiver all the way to class and back! Make a mistake once, okay- my fault. Repeat it twice, means I am stupid hahaha :P

I shouldnt have stopped for a chat. Haihhh. Justin, Reena and Jason, Sukhdev and Sangeeta were buying shauma (like kyros kebab) So like a big hero I yakked with them whilst the wind was howling. Oof. I have General Surgery now. Laters!