Thursday, March 03, 2005

Crush On Me

Only for laughs :) Its about Sunny. I suspect he likes me LOL I mean the signs have been pretty obvious since the first day I met him on the plane. All these years but only lately I just find it rather hilarious.

The gathering with Moscow members at The Curve was the first time I met Sunny in Malaysia. Even that day he was like awestruck (by me). Told me “You are very beautiful” softly *while looking at the floor* when he accompanied me for heels-hunting. Oohh and in the karaoke room, I caught him peeking at me all the time!!

I have mentioned this to Sha and she agrees that its soooo obvious that he likes me (meaning that cant be wrong). Last year he declared out loud that I am his best girlfriend maybe as a diversion to avoid suspicion! Anyway I resorted to telling Quek about my sixth sense today. I know it wasn’t wise at all (since all of us in the same gang) but Quek is my best friend right.. so I just did.

Guess what Quek told me back. He said some days ago, he told Sunny that Ker Sing (one Malaysian junior) is pretty. Then Sunny just burst out:

"You stupid issit? Ker Sing is pretty?? Chin Joo is 10times prettier!" **the exclamation all from Quek’s story

Sunny could have compared her with his girlfriend, Chun Lin. Why didnt he?? Quek was puzzled at Sunny’s reaction because they never discussed about me, Mun Yee and Zhao Ing. The guys say its too sensitive to rate own group members. Quek laughed at me the whole day after I confided in him. Useless fella. Donno what kind of best friend I have!

But I am sure none of us is stupid enough to break the group dynamics with these petty flirtings. Definitely but I am still laughing. I'm flattered!