Friday, March 04, 2005

Cookies For All

I brought the peanut cookies and pineapple tarts (on Wed/Thurs) to class. I must exclaim that sharing is fantastic! Everything finished in minutes! My groupmates and Group 4 (Rajiv's group) loved the CNY goodies :)

Classes were extra-fun. I dont know why. Maybe because we have holidays next Monday and Tuesday hahahaa Russia has more public hols than Malaysia. 8 March is celebrated as Women's Day every year. To appreciate the women (give flowers, chocolates, presents etc)

Ooh the Pathanatomy Iron Ladies- Prof. Lubov and Prof. Kogan are damn serious about our punctuality to class. Last week we were 5mins late and our heads were bitten off. This morning, Prof. Lubov actually locked up the door when class started. Rajiv and the Mauritius guy never learned their lesson so they had to sit outside for like an hour plus!

Internal Disease hehehee Today we had Coprology meaning shit studies :P With *Ah Hoong's disapproving finger* The correct term is faeces. We had to analyse faeces reports (not the real stuff), assume what disease the patients have. Quite interesting actually *snicker*