Friday, March 18, 2005

Beautiful Snow

The weather wasnt exactly freezing and the falling flakes made me smile. It was simply mesmerizing. Fluffy and white :) 3 classes in a row is tiring plus Russian was real crappy. Ehh sometimes I really wonder what are the majority thinking.

My Russian is nowhere near good but when I dont understand what the person is talking, at least I dont nod like a fool. Douglas' face is beside the word "an act;noun. fake" in the dictionary >(

So as usual when she tells us stories, these majority just nod with Aaahhh and more nods with longer Aaaaahhhhhhh. Take today's class for instance. Mdm. Tatiana yakked on and on but I was busy copying the dialog from the textbook. Background voices were the usual sounds. Until I heard Mdm. Tatiana mentioned Soros name which the majority kept quiet and changed to Huhs and claims like they never heard of this fella. So I just looked up at her and said Soros was the bastard who bombed the stockmarket and global economic crisis. She smiled at me.

Douglas straight away exclaimed "Aahh yes, yes Soros" and then turned to me and confirmed if he exists. I was like WTF! As it is Russian class is already a pain. Sitting beside him isnt relieving at all. OMG. I am so irritated today :(