Friday, October 01, 2004

Wow. Its October Already

Fooyoh. Its the month of my birthday. Im gonna be 20years old in 28days time :O In fact there are quite a bit of friends whose birthday falls on October. Aron, Sunny, Zhao Ing, Hwong, Yun Kin, Wayne (hes a Libra like Aron) and who else. But I know we're celebrating at HRC again this year for me, Hwong and Yun Kin.

Oooh talking about Hwong :) Nowadays hes even more humourous than before LOL I mean after dumped by Zhao Ing in KL, I thought he would return to Moscow and still try to get back with her. Surprisingly he told me, even if he was dumped, doesnt mean that hes not good or doesnt deserve better. Wooooo. I was impressed. Thats the way Id say!

Aron and I are fine. You know. I think those crap about not loving him anymore or whatever I felt less about him are just PMS. After Pathophysio yesterday, I was at Iasonas. Hahahaa it was fun. Swati bought 3extra controllers for the PS2 and we played football. VS each other! We had a good laugh and yummy dinner. Aron bought more DVDS. Its crazy I tell you. We have a collection/selection of at least 250movies!