Friday, October 15, 2004

Walkthrough For NWN

I found a real handy site for Neverwinter Nights at Im currently at Chapter Two. Phoenix Elementa is stronger. Ooh I made her a Bard too. Im trying to get her skilled in Dragon Disciple LOL Im seriously going crazy with this game!

Ah. What was I going to say. Hong Zen! Yeahh. His birthday is somewhere in Nov and later Im sending him a card. I found this really cute one which reminds me of us. Two fellas, a guy and a girl drinking from this HUGE glass out of straw. Caption was something like "Healthy Lifestyle- Best To Have Loads Of Fruit With Lotsa Liquid..." Inside the card, both the cartoons go bonkers and caption "Tequila and lime, Vodka and Orange, Malibu and Pineapple..." LOL I added "JD+Coke" I hope this gets to him :P

Oops. Victor just rang my hp. He asked why I didnt attend lecture (since yesterday i was determined to attend hahahaa) I told him i overslept and he mumbled "Youre always like that" Damn! I could have scolded him but thats Victor you know :) I forgot to bring him "13 Going on 30" LOL

OMG! The whole group of JPA students just walked pass behind me! Hahaha. I heard Puspa's voice and they all cant miss me for sure. Definitely. No one said Hi anyway. Whatever. Okay. Gotta run for lecture. Pharmacology LOL