Saturday, October 16, 2004

Poor Swati

Bad news. Swati was supposed to come back to Moscow around 4pm this afternoon. Iasonas was in his apartment waiting and all, but then he called us and told that Swati was sent back to India by the Russian Immigration :(

Banned for 1 year entry somemore. I don’t understand the reason nor did Iasonas really. Something was stamped on her passport and at the Passport Control they just turned her away. Donnolah, I mean Ive always thought Swati has her own reasons for residing in Moscow. For almost 10 years now. She studied, she graduated tho hardly went back home even during all hols, then this time she went back and shit happened. I feel sorry for Iasonas :(

Even sadder, after hearing this, Iasonas just feels that Russia is really screwed up. Hes a very emotional Cancerian you know. That reminds me of Jaya. Anyway, he wants to leave Russia now too. He says he cant take the system anymore. His parents agreed sending him here was the biggest mistake they’ve ever made LOL So Iasonas is just looking for Unis for a transfer. Guess where hes choosing- Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. He said most prolly Lithuania. Why? Because its easier since these 3 countries were the first to leave the USSR. Well, I guess.