Thursday, October 14, 2004

Some October Updates

I came online finally. Checked my email and messages on Friendster. I was surprised to read one from Kok Sieng :O He wow-ed and said I changed a lot. My guess is only hotter and even better-looking LOL I am turning thick-skinned like Lynnie. Anyway Kok Sieng didnt add me. Just this msg which ended with "ps. have fun in russia" :(

Sasha updated me about Ossie. What a bastard. I am really a psychic. I knew hes not genuine at all. Now its even more confirmed. So I decided to drop him a message. I wrote :

hi ossie. i know about you and li hoong. stuff. its ok. not like i care. i thought so. you dont have balls anyway :) maybe ill see you next summer, fling.

That might stir him a little no? Sasha had a confrontation with him. My best means my best. Will stick up for me no matter what. So what if I pulled him over on the dance floor? He was the substitute for the night because Wayne left LOL He shouldnt think highly of himself. Poor guy :P

Ahhh another surprise on Friendster! Viknes asked for my authorization LOL Damn im excited! Chen Wei already wrote him a testi *silly girl* He still looks the same. In fact never changed. The hair still spiky and wearing shirts. Wrotelah, how he cant leave home without his gadgets (listed all of them even).

I remember how I totally ignored him on our last meeting in Summer 2002. He came uninvited to Coffee Bean at KL Plaza where Sha, Arthur and I were chilling. Sha was upset that I was rude and cold LOL I feel bad- now. She was right. I should have been cool-er. 3minutes left. Oof. Gotta run again. Maybe Ill wake up for Internet tomorrow morning. I need to reply Fats, Sha, Sebastian, Bunny and some others. Wayne didnt write though..