Friday, October 15, 2004

Pharmacology Lecture

I attended my first Pharmacology Lecture with Renat Alyaudin (our Dean somemore). I didn’t know it was so boring. No wonder Group 4 waited outside, refused to enter the lecture hall. When the lecturer of the week made his appearance, someone from inside called and they just cabut LOL

I cabut-ed later with Quek and Victor too :P Renat Alyaudin's projector went faulty so while his head was kept down adjusting on the machine, we sneaked off hahahaa I seriously AM mixing with the wrong crowd *all the blame goes to the them*

Sunny would have ran off with us if it wasn’t for Chun Lin. Shes got a little social problem I think. Quiet and secretive when she talks anyway. Sunny worships the steps she walks on so even as his best buddy, I cant say anything. Ohhh well.