Thursday, October 14, 2004

MIA For 2Weeks

Outrageous! I cant find free time to come online :( Actually I could have :P I just couldnt wake up a couple of hours earlier LOL But no losslahhh. Hardly any messages or email *shrug*

But last Friday (8 October) was good. It was Aron's 24th birthday. I cooked "Sweet And Sour Pork" for him, bought a yummy ice-cream black forest yoghurt cake and I also made finger food. Iasonas and Hosein came over with a carton of Carlsberg, more beer and snacks. Big time jokers. Actually it was really fun. My negative thoughts about Aron and I have sudsided. I do love him. Rajiv presented 2 bottles of Martini. I'm an alcoholic now because I sip minimum a glass before bedtime LOL

We had a good weekend too. Had pizzas, went bowling but damn, I didnt strike at all. Ooohh Rajiv prepared REALLY authentic Malaysian food in the morning. Sambal ikan bilis, Udang kering Kobis and Telor Goreng LOL See all the old Malay spelling.

I am SO addicted to Neverwinter Nights (again). Plus point is Aron wont bug me for the comp because Rajiv and him has been addicted to Dynasty Warriors 3 on the XBOX. The other day, I played from 9am-1am. Slept and woke up around 7am and started playing till Rajiv left for lecture. I skipped Pathophysiology and Microbiology lecture. It was so worth it. My character who happens to be a female fighter- Phoenix Elementa is a Champion of Torm. Though I still have to figure what good is that title LOL