Friday, October 15, 2004

It Wasnt Intentional

You see. Yesterday, Iasonas came over to our place. When I came home I realised he was a little "shook shook". Aron pointed at 6bottles of empty 1.5L Carlsberg in the kitchen so everything was clear :P That bugger was high. When Rajiv came home, they decided to go bowling later.

Rajiv was requested to prepare Sambal Ikan Bilis (again) meaning I didnt have to cook dinner LOL So i quickly dashed into the bathroon for a shower. The thing about the bathroom is, the door has no lock and no shower curtain. The shower curtain was torn and removed but no one really bothered to buy a new one. So when I was halfway showering, someone opened the door, I looked up and with my blur vision, I saw Iasonas' face LOL He slammed the door shut in a milisec- screaming. I couldnt stop laughing. He felt really bad and kept apologizing to Aron.

But he didnt like catch me in full naked view. I was at the corner of the bath-tub, balled up. Since hes a real close friend and all of us often bunk together, it didnt feel awkward or anything LOL He was more like the victim than I :P