Sunday, October 17, 2004


Finally. We spontaneously went shopping. Iasonas, Rajiv, Aron and I met up at M. Annino (Iasonas looked so upset). You see, when you go shopping with 3 males, electronics and sports are a no-miss. I begged Aron not to bring me to Obi. It sells tools and equipment for building, yeah. Hardware stuff. Paint instead of nail polish LOL

So we visited Sports Master, I was checking the snowboards out. Really cool and the boards alone are cheap. Of course you have to buy the shoes clamps and stuff separately and eventually youre gonna say its expensive altogether. Iasonas plans to have the guest room a gym room. The work-out machine is huge and heavy and costly too.

At TechnoXila, we bought this phone connector and Rajiv bought a Philips Shaver. He was damn excited about it till he could accidentally shave off his side-burns when we went home later LOL Stupid guy. He went hysterical in the bathroom LOL

I love going to IKEA. Everything looks good there. Very sharp and I don’t know. Just suit my taste. From teacups to plants. We bought 6plates, laundry basket, a toilet seat, wood planks, surround speaker holders, a shower curtain (no worries about when people barge into the bathroom LOL) and some others I don’t remember. Nice day out. ASHAN we skipped since we just bought our groceries the day before.