Monday, October 18, 2004

Free Garden Vegetables

Iasonas' landlady gave him bagfuls of potatoes, turnips, melons, onions, garlics, cabbages and a list of other greens LOL He is one carnivore and now he doesnt know what to do with the gifts :P Aron got a quarter of the generosity and guess what. A quarter. The amount can last till the weekend! Russians are quite made with their garden crops

But I prepared quite a tasty dinner just now with the melon, garlic and potatoes. Chicken and ginger was from us tho. Anyway I fried the diced potatoes, set them aside. Chicken fried with garlic (I must say the garlic's very fresh) then melon stir-fried with ginger. Add them up and stir-fried together, added a pour of soya sauce. I dont measure whatever sauce or salt into the food so my measurement is always "a pour" :P

Tis' ready. Aron and Rajiv kept complimenting on how tasty the meal LOL After licking his plate clean, Aron called Iasonas up straight away and told him how I could handle garden veges. Iasonas is coming over tomorrow LOL