Thursday, October 21, 2004

Finally Learnt Something

General Surgery was interesting today. We studied about blood transfusion. Agglutination and blood types etc. The experiment was even better. We had to determine our own blood type by mixing with the AgA and AgB :O Dr.Yana held the needle and believe me, shes nuts to use such a HUGE needle. Sophie who was sitting on the chair freaked out when Dr.Yana said its gonna be painful poking the fourth finger(left hand's)

Guess what. Angeline who seemed to be in a foul mood volunteered. Poked and we mixed the blood on AgA and AgB. The (+)ve reaction still stirs wonders in modern day people. Just like students in the DaVinci's days LOL Oohh Angeline's blood group is B :)

Next was Christable. Rajiv the Curious poked her finger and she has Group O if Im not mistaken. No agglutination at all. Mun Yee who doesnt know her own blood group, stepped up and finally found out that shes a rare recipient. Blood group of AB type. Rather interesting when you see agglutination on both Ags. So in my Group 3

Group O(I)
Sunny, Quek and Me

Group B(III)
Douglas and Victor

Group AB(IV)
Hwong, Mun Yee and Zhao Ing

ps. Wonder why they said its rare *shruggs*