Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Cradle 2 The Grave

I have been trying to watch this movie for 3days but so far I've only made it to the 2nd chapter which is after they robbed the Diamond Exchange. DMX's face looks dirty. Rajiv and Aron both had this smirk on their faces when I gave that comment. What? What did I say? I mean its true. He looks like he didn’t wash him face properly :P

I don’t like Jet Li in this movie. Stiff English and trying hard to act cool, the choker that hes wearing makes him look pretty gay. Best part in the movie (so far) is when Daria (Gabrielle Union) went up to seduce this security guard, only to realise that hes gay. So she sent Tommy (Anthony Anderson) to deal with him LOL Hes a natural, went up and flirted with the guard. They had this flirty-dirty talk and the guard’s called Douglas LOL

Talk about irony. Rajiv cant get over it. You can blame that name. In Anatomy, Douglas' space/pouch is located between the uterus and urinary bladder of a woman. Go figure :P