Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bloody Wisdom Tooth

I keep chewing the side of my right buccals. Its painful with this extra growing tooth in the way. It looks silly too, only 1/3 sticking out from my gums. Oof :(

Ooh yeah my Russian teacher. She always looks at me when she explains and expects me to read the texts. Bad luck. Sunny and I tries hard to avoid eye-contact everytime but eventually she calls our names LOL

I tell you, those texts are unapprehendable. Sternocardia-lah, Myocardia-lah, none of us know what the shit we are reading means. Russian class is quite a joke and I seriously cannot stand when Douglas a-ha and uhm-huhs at everything she says. Like he understands anything. Then she wouldnt explain would she? Assuming that we ALL understood what she just said. Another oof LOL