Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Still Trying 2 Post Pics

You see what happens? When I "borrow" HTML source from other blogger LOL I feel smart :P I thought I could do some you know, linking and modifying in these HTML codes but obviously it didnt work. I mean. I TRIED at least *wink*

I remember those Java and HTML classes with Chee Siong (Mum's beautician's younger brother) He was pretty cute and chubby. He returned from US with a degree in computer stuff, opened his own cybercafe where Fats and I spent many weekends there LOL

So much for the classes- I was there for free usage of mIRC :P That was when I met Joe of Penang and Cody from USA. Its good to remember these fellas whom I chat with when I first got exposed to the Internet. Unfortunately, I am in no touch with these 2 guys anymore. Joe got married the last time I heard from him, never returned my email/call. Cody on the other hand, well, daily user of ICQ who suddenly disappeared- I cant say what happened to him :(