Monday, September 27, 2004

Revision Weekend

Ha. I knew Aron would ask me to go over to Jason's but I protested.

On Friday night, Hosein was supposed to come to our apartment to study. In the end they all had to do what's best for the team so everyone agreed to put up at Jason's including Rajiv. I stayed back though. Nothing special, only the VERY FIRST time since I've been with Aron, I slept alone :)

I watched Black Hawk Down, ate the remaining Curry Kurma and went to bed. Woke up on Sat morning, cleaned, broomed and mopped the house. It looks much cleaner now. Much tidier too.

Anyway Aron came home and was ill from the pot, ouzos and food. See what he does when I am not around? He puked and stuff. Laid in bed the whole day. Moaning and crying in discomfort. I managed to study the MCQs on Microbiology though. Didnt really touch Pharmacology. I think it wont go well (again).

On Sunday afternoon we dropped by Atasch's place. Had peremenis (Russian=boiled meat dumplings) and Atasch sent us back to Butova. It was quite a pleasant evening. We watched Total Recall and went to bed. Some much for a weekend ehh!