Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My Old Flame

Since I doubt ill blog-in for a couple of days so writing down my thoughts in advance seems like a good idea. Its Kok Sieng's 24th birthday tomorrow. I cant believe what a mean pork I was after I dumped him. I totally ignored and was showed him anger. Poor guy, I must have hurt him bad. I would like to keep in touch with him again. He is really cute afterall LOL

I wanted to meet him during the hols. Unfortunately I was so occupied that I totally forgot about my plan. Well, I was meeting new people and all the high nights kept me in bed till noon. But Mummy wouldnt like me to meet him anyway. I made him sound like a jerk :(

Kok Sieng and I have a long history. I had a crush on him since Std6. That was 1996. He graduated but we bumped into each other in Batu Caves in 2001 and started a relationship. We broke up once because he bloody went back to his ex-gf. We patched back up a couple of months later. We did spend a lot of good times together. Our trips to Penang, Genting, here and there B) We had much fun indeed. Its 2004 which means I have known and liked him on and off for 8years now!

I shall await for his response when I call him *fingers crossed*